Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions    By Clicking On Our Terms & Conditions, You agree with the purchases from our Store and this:  Once you have had a team selected for you via random break or you have drafted your team prior to a draft style break, you will be the proud owner of any and all cards from that team that come out of the break you have purchased. There is a chance that your team will not receive any cards from the break you purchased, as we cannot guarantee the contents of any given sealed box of cards. In the event that the boxes/cases we open to do not yield a card for the team which you have drawn, you may not receive a card for that purchase. By agreeing to these terms you are acknowledging that you understand the risk of not receiving a card if no card is pulled for your particular team. We always do our best to make sure everyone has a great experience with us and try when possible to ensure that every spot receives something. We ship all breaks as quick as we can and shipping on breaks is ALWAYS FREE! We record all breaks and post them on to our YouTube Channel.You do not have to be present for the live break to receive your cards!   Group Breaks – How It Works These are the standard formats and rules that we use for our group breaks. Random Team Group Break Rules After all spots are full for the break, the Teams are entered into a list randomizer on www.random.org The list will be randomized depending on the roll of a die. Once the list has been randomized, they will be copied onto a spreadsheet and matched by number. Your name will be on the left column and your team will be on the right column. All hits, jerseys, patches, autographs, rookies, inserts and #d cards that come out for your team will be shipped to you. If the break being done has teams that have been taken out before the random is done, anything that comes out for those teams will be randomized off to teams that go hitless.   Hit Draft Group Break Rules After number of spots are determined and all spots are full for the break, names are entered into a list randomizer on www.random.org The list will be randomized depending on the roll of a die. The name on the randomized list on the Top will get the 1st Pick to choose a Hit out of the complete Break. The 2nd name can choose one of the leftover Hits and so on until every name has choosen a Hit. If the break being done has extra Hits, then these will be randomized between all names.   Other Group Break Rules During the hosted breaks, there will be plenty of time to trade teams amongst each other or trade for the teams that are out of the break. You can also sell your team before the break begins to another person, as long as you can come to terms with the deal. Both trades and sales must be confirmed to the group break host. When a card gets pulled that has multiple teams on it, then it goes to the Team of the Player on the left or on the Top of the Card! If a person who is in the break has at least 50% or more teams/players on the card with more than 3 athletes, the card will go to that person.